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There are many ways to participate and race individually and as a team through the Toledo Ski Club. Individually, you can compete in the Club Nastar races almost every weekend and sometimes twice in a weekend at the resort we have an organized weekend. Click on the link below to find out about this season's upcoming MACC Race Training Schedule.


Club NASTAR Racing
Racers are categorized into classes based on their ability and age, using the Nastar handicap system. You have two runs and the club uses the best handicap received on one of the two runs. For seasonal results your best three handicap average is utilized to determine your placing in your class. Awards are given to the top three racers in each ability category.

Outstand Racer Award (O.R.A.)
We also have one award for the best outstanding male and female racer each season called the Outstanding Racer Award or (O.R.A.). Points are given for the first three places in each category for each race in Nastar and cumulative points are added toward the O.R.A. awards. The winners of this category are simply the best competitors in their class, not necessarily the best or fastest racer. Another way to accumulate points toward O.R.A. is to race in the Michigan Alpine Competition Council (M.A.C.C) races (see below). Each racer will receive half the worldcup points received in the M.A.C.C. races they participate in.

Michigan Alpine Competition Council (M.A.C.C) Race Team

We compete as a team against 14 other ski clubs from Michigan and Indiana. There are five weekends of races, two of them are three-day weekends, four at Boyne Mountain and one at Searchmont, Canada. One day is a slalom race and one day is a giant slalom. We also have one Super G race in Searchmont. Points are awarded for placing and accumulated toward the season. The team with the most points in slalom takes the slalom trophy for the season and the team with the most giant slalom points takes the giant slalom trophy for the season. The team with the most points overall wins the M.A.C.C. trophy. On an individual basis, your points are added up for the season and the top three in each ability and age category win a trophy for the season. You can change ability categories if you improve throughout the season and you can still participate if you cannot make all the races. It is fun. It is competitive. It is for all abilities. It is for the trophy. Come join us and become addicted.